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Last chance! Registration closes 28 May for 2023 European Masters Games in Tampere 26 June – 9 July

With the Asia Pacific Masters Games just finished, the next event is already approaching fast. And you can still be part of it! The European Masters Games take place in Finland 26 June – 9 July ! Have a look at the 29 sports on the program and make Tampere your holiday destination this summer. Embark on this journey together with thousands of other sport lovers who have decided to empower their lives with two weeks of sport and fun in beautiful Finland!


“Best time of my life!”


2023 Asia Pacific Masters Games was an enriching experience connecting people from all over the world in Jeonbuk, South Korea!

The festive atmosphere was there, together with the friendly, heart-warming support from the volunteers and the amazing athletes who made the event with their achievements and zest for life. IMGA events offer healthy competition between adults, combined with tons of fun, socialising and meeting like-minded people! Have a look at the video below for an impression of the event or visit the webpage with all the info on the event.

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A few example stories: Jim Parret, Claire Bell, Billy Pollock, Chris Holloman, Man Kaur




IMGA moves forward with their strategical roadmap on sustainability

Since spring 2021 the IMGA has been in the process of modernisation and is currently going through an organisational transition to prepare the organisation for the years ahead.
Sustainability has always been at the core of IMGA’s profile. All IMGA events are built around the 3 P’s of Sustainability: People, Planet and Prosperity.

> Read the full statement on the sustainability goals

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