We’re all stuck at home right now because of the coronavirus, but recently our team received wonderful news from India. Man Kaur, a 104 year old athlete, is continuing her WMG Kansai 2021 training as she stays active at home on her Punjabi University campus residence balcony.

This amazing video was provided by Mr. Gurdev Singh, Man Kaur’s 82-year-old eldest son. Gurdev has taken part in Masters sport competitions as both athlete and volunteer for more than 20 years. In 2009, he saw a women 100+ category in WMG Sydney and was so impressed. As she had no health problems, he recommended that his 93-year-old mum take up running.



For the first time at the age of 94 Man participated in India’s National championship and competed 100m and 200m events. Her first international event was WMA 2011 in Sacramento. She took part in 100 and 200 dash and broke the existing world records in these events. She was declared athlete of the year 2011. All media was behind her. Everyone wanted to have a photo with her.

She finished the 100m in 1 minute 21 sec. in 2016 while participating in America’s Master Games held in Vancouver. But in WMG 2017 she set a new World record of 1 min. 14 sec. in 100m and another in the javelin throw. She recently won 4 golds at AMA in Kuching, Malaysia last year.

We asked her for tips on how to stay healthy. “Eat good food. Exercise as much as you can. Be a good human being. Love and care your parents till they are alive. Keep no ill will against anyone.” “This is what I am always saying in the lecture I deliver as a brand ambassador of the Pinkathon movement in India.”

She has always been very physically active. In India during her young age her family had houses made from mud. Every now and then she would use mud plaster to keep her house a good condition. She would bring fire wood from jungle for cooking meals. She would walk 5km to the farmers market to buy vegetables. She worked hard serving the King of Patiala State but never complained.

Although she is worried about when lockdown will come to the end, she has started counting the days until her next target, the WMG 2021 Kansai. We are really looking forward to having Man and Gurdev join us next year. We hope their efforts motivate all mature athletes around the world!

Man Kaur

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