The Masters Games present an opportunity to attract tens of thousands of adults to your city, region and country. The number of participants has been growing steadily since the inaugural Games in 1985. Today the World Masters Games hosts over three times as many athletes as the Olympic Games, establishing it as the world’s largest international participatory multi-sport event.

The Games offers not only the chance to show the world your world-class facilities, organisational capabilities, and welcoming culture; it can have a significant lasting economic impact for your area.

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During the bid preparations you are likely to be asked by potential stakeholders, unfamiliar with the games, why your city is bidding. While the reasons behind a bid can be numerous, some or all of the factors listed in this document should be considered as motivation for hosting the World Masters Games.

All statistics in the document are derived from independent reports made during or after previous World Masters Games. All reports are either available on the IMGA website or can be requested in their entirety from the IMGA office.

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