World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City (WMG 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City) have signed a MOU with the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the first time that the World Masters Games has cooperated directly with the ITF for the staging of the tennis event.

CEO of the WMG 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City Executive committee Mr. Che-Hung Lin and Ms. Jackie Nesbitt, Senior Executive Director of ITF Tours and Player Pathway have signed the agreement, through video conference, with both happy to see WMG 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City including the ITF World Tennis Masters Tour – a global Tour that consists of over 30,000 active tennis players aged 30 and over.

WMG 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City will take place in May, next year, 2025. The event is expected to appeal to over 40,000 athletes from hundreds of countries.

The cooperation not only enhances the scale and the intensity of the game, but also attracts high-level players from around the world to participate. This significant movement showed that the tennis event (‘Grade A Open’) of the WMG 2025 will be awarded the prestigious tournament grade of MT700 which will allow players to earn high-level ranking points within the ITF World Tennis Masters Tour.

With the purpose of advocating “lifetime sports” and “sports for all”, WMG 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City provides a unique opportunity to promote sports and encourage sports enthusiasts for the middle-aged and above. Athletes compete as individuals rather than as members of the national team.

Matt Byford, Head of the ITF World Tennis Masters Tour said: “The ITF are excited to collaborate with the 2025 World Masters Games in Taipei City and New Taipei City which promises to be a wonderful event, and to promote a multi-sports games opportunity to our global community of players, particularly those in Asia.”

Furthermore, any participant who registers before 17th April 2024 will receive a 30% discount off the entry fee. For more information regarding the Tennis Event at the 2025 World Masters Games and to register, visit:

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