Sergey Bubka and Manuela di Centa engaged during an intimate, informal session with children, parents, and grandparents, imparting invaluable insight on the virtues of sports, the pursuit of dreams, and the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle.

During their visit they met with Youth Olympians Sara Martinelli and Sara Merazzi, and their coach, who will compete for Italy in the Short Track competition in the upcoming Youth Winter Olympics in Gangwon, South Korea.

Sergey Bubka and Manuela di Centa captivated hearts and minds with their compelling narratives of triumph, resilience, and the transformative power of sports. Their engagement with the audience transcended into a heartfelt discourse on the significance of embracing a healthy lifestyle. Through personal anecdotes, they illustrated the symbiotic relationship between sports, holistic wellness, and the cultivation of enduring habits that enrich the mind, body, and spirit.

The inclusion of children, parents, and grandparents in the dialogue underscored the universal resonance of Bubka and di Centa’s message. The insights shared accentuated the pivotal role of sports in nurturing intergenerational bonds, igniting passion, and instilling the values of discipline, dedication, and resilience in the hearts of the community’s youngest members.


Amidst the captivating exchange, Bubka and di Centa advocated for the pursuit of dreams and the unwavering commitment to fortify one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Their impassioned plea for embracing life’s fleeting moments while anchoring oneself in the pursuit of athletic excellence underscored the profound impact of positive habits and a resolute mindset in sculpting a fulfilling, purpose-driven existence.

The gathering departed with hearts emboldened and spirits elevated, galvanized by the shared profound wisdom. Their presence had ignited a fervent fervor for sports, wellness, and unyielding pursuit of dreams, infusing the community with an invigorating zeal to cultivate positive habits, relish life’s splendors, and forge enduring connections through the unifying spirit of sportsmanship.

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