The IMGA is currently visiting the region of Taipei and New Taipei City to discuss the progress on the organisation of WMG 2025 and inspect the venues for the different sports.

The Taipei & New Taipei City Organising Committee is making significant progress in preparing for the biggest IMGA Masters Games event. They spoke about the different topics involved in the delivery of the Games and discussed the importance of sustainability and how the IMGA Masters Games can support promoting social inclusion in society.

All across the city billboards and other advertisements are present to promote the World Masters Games, that will be taking place from 17 – 30 May 2025.

During their visit, Ceo Jens Holm had an official meeting with the mayor of Taipei (Chiang, Wan-An) and deputy Secretary General of New Taipei City (Kung, Ya-Wen).

One of the initiatives, the ‘Strong Win’ project, was discussed in particular. In this project several training camps have been set up in the region, starting in September 2023, to give citizens an opportunity to learn a sport and participate at the World Masters Games.

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