We’re delighted to announce that we have awarded the 2025 World Masters Games to Taipei and New Taipei city in Taiwan.

The Games, which is officially the world’s largest multi-sport participatory event, will have its eleventh edition in 2025 after previously visiting Canada, Italy, Australia, Denmark and New Zealand.

Taiwan will look to build on the continued growth of Masters sport in the region, as tens of thousands of Masters athletes travel to Kansai, Japan, to enjoy the tenth edition of the World Masters Games in 2021, and the inaugural Asia Pacific Masters Games in South Korea in 2022.

Jens V Holm, IMGA CEO, said: “the selection of Taipei and New Taipei City will strengthen our strategic positioning in the region and help us continue our mission to grow Masters sport internationally.

Many east Asian governments understand that, with an ageing population, sport serves not only to maintain long-term health, but also as a tool for inter-generational social integration. If we can achieve these goals and at the same time enjoy the immense beauty of Taiwan, then everyone is a winner.”
Our aim for each event is to deliver the best World Masters Games possible for all competing international athletes. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, it’s been difficult for some host cities to find political and financial guarantees for their bids.

We carefully evaluated all bids, and throughout the process the Taiwan committee was able to present a strong case with all guarantees in place to secure another great edition of the World Masters Games in 2025.

We’re very much looking forward to working with their team and helping you reach the Games in 2025.

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