Taipei & New Taipei City treat the community on a spectacular show to bring the 2025 World Masters Games to life, almost 1 year before the event taking place.

The Organising Committee is gathering the local community around several initiatives leading up to the Games. They aim to empower their local population in picking up a new sport or engage friends and family in physical activities for overall wellbeing. Already over 10.000 athletes have signed up and again, after Auckland in 2017, it promises to be a spectacular experience for everyone taking part.

On May 1st, the dazzling “2024 Taipei Water Dance Festival” kicked off at Rainbow Bridge, Xikou Wharf in Songshan District. Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-An graced the event alongside esteemed dignitaries, jointly launching the inaugural water dance show. With mesmerising water performances, complemented by stunning sound and light animations, the festival is set to captivate audiences for two months.

From May 1st to June 30th, all will be able to witness the magic of light, water, and sound every evening from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM with a total of 5 sessions per day, each lasting 5 minutes. Accompanied by the vibrant and lively imagery, previewing the enthusiasm for the upcoming World Masters Games 2025 in Taipei & New Taipei.

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