The process to determine the host city for the Winter World Masters Games 2028 is well underway, with Lahti, Finland, and Lillehammer, Norway, as the leading candidates to host the prestigious event.

Following a hugely successful edition in Lombardy this past January, the International Masters Games Association (IMGA) is committed to selecting a city that can uphold and elevate the event’s standards.

This month marked a key step in this decision-making process, with the IMGA evaluation team visiting Lahti. The delegation conducted a thorough assessment of the venues and engaged in comprehensive discussions with the local delegates. These conversations focused on the logistics, infrastructure, and overall capability of Lahti to host an event of such magnitude.


Lahti expressed confidence in their bid, highlighting the city’s long history of hosting winter sports events and its world-class facilities: “Lahti is the perfect destination for the Winter World Masters Games. Our community is passionate about winter sports, and we have the experience and infrastructure to deliver an exceptional athlete experience“.

Next week, the spotlight will shift to Lillehammer, where CEO Jens Holm and Sports Director Samantha Hayward from the IMGA team will conduct a similar evaluation. Lillehammer, renowned for its 1994 Winter Olympics legacy, is expected to present a compelling case with its well-established winter sports venues and infrastructure.

Holm and Hayward’s visit to Lillehammer will involve detailed inspections of the proposed sites and in-depth discussions with local stakeholders. These sessions will be crucial in understanding Lillehammer’s readiness and vision for the Winter World Masters Games 2028. As part of this visit, the IMGA team will also evaluate accommodation, transportation, and the city’s commitment to delivering a sustainable event.

Once both evaluation visits are completed, the IMGA team will compile a comprehensive report on the findings from Lahti and Lillehammer. This report will play a pivotal role in the board’s decision-making process, offering insights into each city’s strengths, potential challenges, and overall suitability to host the Winter World Masters Games.

IMGA CEO, Jens Holm, emphasized the importance of these visits, noting, “Our goal is to ensure that the host city for the Winter World Masters Games 2028 meets our high standards and can offer an unforgettable experience for all participants. Both Lahti and Lillehammer have impressive credentials, and we look forward to making an informed decision based on the evaluation reports.”

The IMGA board is expected to review the evaluation reports and make a final decision in the coming months. As the anticipation builds, both Lahti and Lillehammer remain optimistic, each city eagerly awaits the chance to showcase their unique offerings to the global masters sports community.

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