Following “Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture”, this is the second article of “Going on a little trip with my road bike”.

In this article, I’m starting from Izumisano City, which is on the opposite bank of Kansai International Airport, and introduce you two cycling routes in Southwest Osaka, Senshu district. Please enjoy the view, cuisine and sport that are unique to Osaka Bay!

Route ① Route Kaizuka/Kishiwada: Going north along Osaka Prefectural Route 29 – Osaka Rinkai Sen
Route ② Route Sennan: There is a venue for WMG2021’s open water on the route.

One station away from “Nankai Kuko” Line’s “Kansai Kokusai Kuko (Kansai International Airport)” station, there is “Rinku Town” station. As soon as you go out the ticket gate, there is a tourist information, “Rinku Machidokoro”. They sell local products, provide information to visitors, this is a place for visitors from abroad to interact with each other. There are tour guide-interpreters specialized in Izumisano district, so please pop in.

If you want to hang a “LOVE TAG” at “Rinku Koen” park in “Place 02”, don’t forget to get one at “Rinku Machidokoro”!

To rent a bicycle, I headed for “C’s RACQUET CLUB”, which is approx. 500 m to the north of “Rinku Town” station. It is one of the places to rent / return “Sano Chari” bikes run by Izumisano City Tourism Association. Please note that you cannot book in advance.

“Rinku Koen” park is facing Kansai International Airport and Osaka Bay. This “LOVE RINKU” monument was chosen for one of “Holy places of love” in October 2019.

If you buy a padlock and a “LOVE TAG” at “Rinku Machidokoro” introduced in “Place 01”, you can engrave words you like, and then attach the tag to the monument. The love that a sea breeze cannot break. How about attaching yours as a memory of visiting the park.

There is a fountain named “a fountain of four seasons” in front of the monument. The three large arches represent diurnal motion and solar orbit of “summer solstice”, “spring/autumn equinox” and “winter solstice”, and the sphere at the centre represents the planet earth. It is brightly lit up after dark and you can enjoy the magical view.

There is a large arched bridge made of wood. Sit on its step and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere; you can see the aeroplanes taking off from the airport and flying off into the sunset, “Akashi Kaikyo” bridge, etc. The sunset view from this arched bridge over Osaka Bay is chosen for one of the “Top 100 sunset view in Japan”.

“Rinku Koen” park is a popular place for jogging or walking, and it is the goal of “KIX Senshu International Marathon”. If you visit the arched bridge before a competition, you will be relieved from tension and feel relaxed.

Now, I would like to show you the rest of【① Route Kaizuka/Kishiwada】

【① Route Kaizuka/Kishiwada】Place 01. “KOKOUMI Shokudo”, a diner you can try Senshu district’s local food, deep fried “Gatcho”. “KOKOUMI Shokudo” is located in the market of Izumisano Fisheries cooperative.

I recommend that you try Senshu’s local food, deep fried “Gatcho”. “Gatcho, a kind of fish and the formal name is flathead, are served as snack, sometimes with alcohol, and eaten by people of all ages in southern Senshu. It is rich in calcium.

As well as deep fried “Gatcho”, you can eat fresh wild conger eels just landed at “Tajiri” fishing port, at “KOKOUMI Shokudo”. Conger eels are rich in nutrition and they help you recover from fatigue and improve immunity.

【① Route Kaizuka/Kishiwada】Place 02. Try water sports at “Nishikinohama Koen” park, with refreshing white sandy beach and sea breeze.

The symbolic monument of the mast of a sailing ship catches your eyes at the centre of the “Nishikinohama Koen” park.
The 1 km long white sandy beach and a pine grove are chosen for “Top 100 Hakusyaseishou (beautiful coastal view with white sandy beach and pine trees) in Japan, which should be preserved”. You can try canoe and SUP there.

You can also enjoy riding a water scooter and a jet boat at the beach. Water scooter races are held several times a year and it’s exciting to see professional skills.

The staffs working at the park management office will give you instructions on water sports. Some of the staffs hold water scooter license as well as qualifications for teaching canoe and SUP, and they give you good lessons kindly. For more details, please refer to the website of “Nishikinohama Koen” park .

【① Route Kaizuka/Kishiwada】Place 03. Try bouldering by the sea at “Gravity Research Kishiwada”.

The climbing gym, “Gravity Research Kishiwada” is run by outdoor store called “Koujitsu sansou”, and it has 15 m high wall for Lead and Speed climbing outside the gym. The wall meets international standards and you can try climbing.

National competitions are held here and also this place is used for Japan national players’ training camp. How about trying it while you enjoy sea breeze? The view of the sea from 15 m high wall would be great.

Article first appeared on IMGA World Masters Games Kansai website on 24 May 2021


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