With hundreds of medal ceremonies, spanning across 10 different sports and catering to ages from 30 and beyond, the 2024 Winter World Masters Games in Lombardy serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of the athletes who continue to pursue their passion for competition and sportsmanship.

The involvement of the International Masters Games Association’s President Sergey Bubka and board members in the presentation of medals underscores the significance of this event in honouring the dedication and commitment of the competitors. Their participation in handing out the medals symbolizes the recognition of the athletes’ perseverance and unwavering fighting spirit, which are the cornerstone of the Masters Games.

As we reach the midpoint of this spectacular event, there is still an array of sports yet to be showcased, promising more exhilarating moments and inspiring performances. The sheer diversity of sports on the program reflects the inclusive nature of the Games, bringing together participants from different disciplines and age groups to celebrate the joy of competition and the pursuit of athletic excellence.


The sight of athletes from diverse backgrounds and age groups coming together to compete is a powerful testament to the unifying force of sports and the remarkable capacity of individuals to transcend boundaries. The Games serve as a platform for athletes not only to showcase their skills and abilities but also to embody the spirit of resilience and fortitude. Each medal ceremony is a poignant moment where the dedication and sacrifices made by the athletes are honored, serving as a source of inspiration for all those in attendance and beyond.

Under the distinguished leadership of President Sergey Bubka, the Winter World Masters Games 2024 Lombardy is more than just a sporting event; it is a celebration of the human spirit, a testament to the enduring pursuit of excellence, and a showcase of the unifying power of sports.

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