The Winter World Master Games Lombardia 2024 will be enriched by the presence of the bold Eagle Trudi, the brand-new mascot, that will accompany the entire event.

The warm and brown tones of his coat, the famous hooked beak and the proud stance, are all features that make this mascot extremely similar to a real eagle.

By wearing a little blue top adorned with graphics symbolising the event, he will convey to all the athletes a unique sense of unity and belonging.

But it does not finish here…

In a world where environmental awareness is increasingly crucial, the greatness of this mascot lies in its commitment to sustainability. In fact, the stuffing is entirely made from recycled materials, demonstrating the attention to the environment and the future, by promoting sustainable practices.

Trudi S.p.A. has always been beside of the most important national sporting events and athletes from all over the world, sharing their values and passion.

The company was founded in Tarcento (Udine) in 1954 by Trudi Müller Patriarca’s passion for her cute teddy bears, which she loved to sew personally for her family. Gradually, the soft toys that she used to give to friends and relatives, became the basis of a real entrepreneurial success story. Trudi’s story is a story full of emotions. Creative development, research and quality are at the heart of all the brand’s creations and awake in the consumer that child amazement, which has always been at the center of the Friulian company’s mission.

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