The Closing Ceremony of the 2023 Asia Pacific Masters Games in Jeonbuk was an extraordinary culmination of nine days of fierce competition and camaraderie in South Korea. It was a remarkable event that marked the first gathering of the masters community in three years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In his closing speech, IMGA President Sergey Bubka praised the athletes for their dedication, commitment, and hard work throughout the competition. He acknowledged them as true ambassadors of sportsmanship.

‘I want to congratulate all athletes on their performances this week. Your dedication, commitment, and hard work have been an inspiration to us all. You are true ambassadors of sportsmanship, and your achievements have demonstrated that the human spirit can achieve anything if it sets its mind to it.’

He also praised the efforts of the volunteers and the organising committee of Jeonbuk who embraced this event and its participants with open arms, providing an experience to remember for everyone involved. Mr Bubka extended his heartfelt gratitude extends to the sponsors and organisers whose tireless work and unwavering support contributed to the tremendous success of the Games.

During the Closing Ceremony, the flag was ceremoniously handed over to Abu Dhabi, the host city for the Open Masters Series in 2026. Anticipation is high for the upcoming event, and we look forward to another incredible gathering of masters athletes from around the world.

The Asia Pacific Masters Games 2023 will be remembered with pride and a sense of accomplishment. As IMGA President Sergey Bubka aptly stated, “Let me wish you strong health for many more years ahead! See you at the next IMGA Masters Games or Series!”


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