Wondering what to do when you have some time off from your sports competitions? Plenty to do in Tampere! We gathered a list of activities that will keep you busy during the event:
1. The sauna capital of the world

Tampere – The Sauna Capital of the World – welcomes everybody to its cosy warmth!

Did you know there are over 55 public saunas in Tampere region for anyone to relax in, throughout the year? Finnish sauna culture is also a part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Since 2018 Tampere is known as the Sauna Capital of the World. The title was earned with the high level and large amount of public saunas in Tampere. Both International Sauna Association and Finnish Sauna Society advocated the title for Tampere.

Sauna bathing has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits.

2. Finnish blood sausage, “Mustamakkara”

Finnish blood sausage, “Mustamakkara” is Tampere residents’ own favourite snack, which is properly enjoyed at the market with cold milk and lingonberry jam. Black sausage is a traditional dish loved by Tampere residents, which is known to have been produced already in the 1500s. Black sausage belongs to the blood sausages that have been produced all over Europe for centuries. For example, Morcilla is the Spanish cousin of the Finnish black sausage.

Be sure to enjoy this great delicacy from Tampere when you arrive in the city.

3. Näsinneula Observation Tower

You will see whole Tampere and more from Näsinneula! Get a bird-eye-view of the city from the observation deck located at 120 meters while enjoying treats from Neula Sky Cafe. One floor up at the rotating Restaurant Näsinneula located at the height of 124 meters you can enjoy Finnsih seasonal flavors prepared by our professional chefs.

4. Lakes in Tampere

Tampere has 160 lakes. The majority of them are small in size, i.e. with an area of less than 10 hectares. The largest lakes are Lake Näsijärvi and Lake Pyhäjärvi. These two lakes and the rapids flowing between them, the Tammerkoski, are the reasons why Tampere has become a city. The water around Tampere has been a significant element for the development of a vibrant business life and the growth of the city.

Tampere has a wide range of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful lake scenery with dry feet, for example on a lake cruise in Lake Näsijärvi and Lake Pyhäjärvi. EMG2023’s partner Hopealinjat offers great cruise experiences.

Many beaches are also easily accessible, both near the city and further away. Almost all the beaches are suitable for swimming and you can even rent a stand-up paddleboard to spend a summer day directly from the beaches.

5. Beautiful Pyynikki

New York has Central Park, but how many cities can boast about having a central forest? One of the Tampere city centre neighbourhoods, Pyynikki, is home to a gorgeous pine tree forest on top of a ridge. In the forest there is an illuminated jogging trail that becomes a skiing trail in the winter, and the view from the high cliffs will take your breath away.

The residents of Pyynikki are fortunate in many ways: not only is the Central Square just a few blocks away, they have Tampere’s only outdoor minigolf course and in the area near Hotel Rosendahl by Lake Pyhäjärvi also has a stunning beach that is the place to be on hot summer days. To round off a day of culture or sporting activities, why not pop into the cafe of the old granite Pyynikki observation tower to enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee and delicious doughnuts, which have been praised as the best doughnuts in the world.

6. Hot Wings

All of them started with the winged sauce known in Finland. Tampere was taken over by a large wing culture, which still enjoys its endless popularity in the city’s food culture. Tampere is known as the official hometown of the wings. Many celebrities from different sports and elsewhere, but above all ordinary people from Tampere, still enjoy this delicacy, which is also known around the world, to this day. Having served hundreds of thousands of customers over the years, Siipiweikot Tampere is therefore a legend. In Tampere, you will find the tastiest wings in many different restaurants.

7. City of Finnish Ice Hockey

Tampere is especially known for its long ice hockey traditions. Finland’s first official ice hockey game took place on January 15, 1928 in Tampere. The city’s major clubs Ilves and Tappara are the most successful sports clubs in Finland. Tappara won the European Championship in the CHL. There are also many NHL stars from Tampere, such as Patrik Laine and Alexander Barkov.

Tampere will also host the Men’s Ice Hockey World Championships for the second time on 12.–28.5.2023. The games will be played at Nokia Arena. You can learn more about Finnish ice hockey culture at the Hockey hall of fame Finland -museum.

8. Nature

The nature is close everywhere you turn your head in Tampere. The location between two big lakes brings the water element to the city and you can find parks and urban nature even right in the middle of the city – all year round. Example: Pyynikki, Kauppi, Hatanpää Arboretum.

9. Museums

Tampere has a good selection of interesting museums – everyone can find their favourite. There’s few examples:

The world’s only Moomin Museum is a place to discover the wit, wisdom, warmth and adventure of the Moomin books and illustrations known and loved by legions of fans all around the world. What Happens Next? presents all twelve Moomin books written and illustrated by Tove Jansson and shows how the characters changed from book to book.

Tampere Art Museum presents art-historical themes and phenomena related to Finnish and international contemporary art. The collections comprise for the major part of Finnish art from the early 19th century onwards. Contemporary exhibitions present the annual Young Artist of the Year and the collection of Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art.

10. Tampere Nightlife

The bar culture in Tampere is vibrant and versatile. In summer, the whole city comes to life and people enjoy warm nightless summer nights on the terraces, enjoying live music and singing karaoke. A summer oasis will also be built on Tampere Central Square, where various pop-up restaurants and pubs will serve tasty food and a bubbly drink until late in the evening. Various park concerts and other summer events also enliven the city’s streetscape.

Want to know more about the event? Visit the website of Tampere 2024 and discover this unique experience for you and/ or your team in 2023.

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