Studies have shown that engaging with positive memories boosts serotonin levels and improves general well-being. So, at this challenging time, when the things that normally bring us joy have been put on hold, we want you to find joy in your favourite Masters memory.

Do you have one memory from your Masters experience you cherish above all others?

Was it achieving a personal best?

Experiencing an exciting new culture with your team mates?

Maybe it was forming a precious new friendship?

Whatever your favourite memory may be, share it with us. We’ll take the best memories and share them on our online channels to spread some positivity through the Masters community.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

How does it work?


  1. Send a digital photograph of your favourite Masters Memory to and describe it in 100 words*.
  2. Look for your photograph on the Masters Memories Wall on our website
  3. Look for your memory on our Instagram and Facebook channels
  4. Share it with your friends!


If you’re struggling to think of anything, take a look through our past events to see if one triggers your memory.

*By sending us your image(s) you consent to the IMGA sharing them with its online community.