Countless athletes step into Olympiahalle in order to get a final briefing. When asked about the origin of the sports enthusiasts and their accompanying fans, their answers trigger astonishment and amazement.

Whether it is the 40 hour journey from Canada or Australia by plane or the 20 hour train ride from Great Britain. It looks like no journey is too far and no trip too complicated – the only goal: Winter World Master Games in Innsbruck. A few tired eyes glance at us but the joy and excitement about the upcoming days is quite obvious.

But why do all of these athletes take on such a long journey of over 10.000 kilometres in some cases, to go to the city that lies at the foot of the mountain range “Nordkette”? It is the connection between people that enriches the experience during the Games, new found friendships, the reunions with old acquaintances, the adrenaline rush during and prior to races, the camaraderie – it’s the #spirittogether and all of this makes #WinterWordMastersGames2020.

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