The International Masters Games Association (IMGA) is the world governing body for Masters sport and organises the Word Masters Games. This is the biggest multi-sport event for Masters athletes. 

Founded in 1995 to support the Olympic movement and ‘sport for all’ philosophy, the IMGA is a non-profit organisation recognised by the International Olympic Committee. 

In addition to the World Masters Games, the IMGA organises several other international multisport events for Masters athletes, including the Winter World Masters Games, European Masters Games, Pan-American Masters Games and Asia-Pacific Masters Games. 

The flagship event of the IMGA, the World Masters Games, is officially the world’s largest international participatory multi-sport event. It takes place every four years, attracting tens of thousands of athletes to new locations. If you love to compete, meet like-minded people and experience beautiful places, then our events are for you. 

We welcome you to the official community for Masters athletes.