The Asia Pacific Masters Games (APMG) is a celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and adventure for masters athletes from all corners of the globe. Every four years, athletes gather to showcase their skills, forge lasting friendships, and explore new destinations.

In this article, we bring you the voices of athletes from various sports who share their heartfelt experiences and motivations for attending the APMG.


Building a Wonderful Community

“Why wouldn’t you attend? It’s a wonderful experience. The people are wonderful. We’ve got a brilliant community. And we’ve made so many friends.”

These words perfectly capture the essence of the APMG. Participants from different backgrounds come together, forming a tight-knit community bound by their shared love for sports and active lifestyles. The event fosters an inclusive environment where friendships flourish, leaving lasting memories that extend far beyond the competition.


Inspiring Journeys

“My sister inspired me when she decided to change her life, get active, and then compete at Torino 2019. I ended up getting a coach myself and training, then planned to come here. It all came together. It’s really nice to be here.”

The APMG acts as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation. Athletes draw inspiration from the achievements of their peers, motivating them to embark on their own fitness journeys. Many participants are inspired by family members or friends who have previously competed, demonstrating how the Games can ignite a passion for exercise and a desire to push one’s limits.


Asia Pacific Masters Games

Global Camaraderie

“It’s an opportunity to meet a lot of people from all over the world. It’s fantastic. There’s a real camaraderie.”

The APMG creates a unique atmosphere of camaraderie among participants hailing from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Athletes appreciate the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share their enthusiasm for their respective sports. These connections extend beyond national borders, forging lifelong bonds among individuals who may have never crossed paths otherwise.


The Perfect Blend of Competition and Exploration

“We are playing people in our own age categories, and we get to meet like-minded people. Alongside that, we get to visit places too. We combine playing and tourism.”

The APMG offers a rare chance to compete against athletes within the same age group, ensuring fair and exciting contests. Moreover, participants relish the opportunity to explore new destinations while engaging in their beloved sports. Many athletes take advantage of the Games to extend their stay and embark on local tours, immersing themselves in the vibrant cultures and attractions of the host country.


The Fruit of Dedication

“I’m very proud of this gold medal. I feel very happy because I can see the training is working. Here are the results!”

The APMG serves as a testament to the dedication and hard work athletes put into their training. Each medal represents not only a moment of triumph but also the fulfilment of personal goals. The Games provide a platform to showcase their talent, validating the effectiveness of their training regimes and boosting their confidence to continue pursuing their athletic dreams.


Asia Pacific Masters Games


The Asia Pacific Masters Games is a celebration of passion, friendship, and adventure for masters athletes worldwide. Through their own words, participants highlight the unique aspects that make the Games an exceptional experience. From fostering a strong sense of community to inspiring personal growth and providing a platform for global camaraderie, the APMG is much more than just a sporting event. It symbolises the boundless spirit of athleticism, the pursuit of lifelong friendships, and the joy of exploring new horizons.

So, for anyone considering taking up a new sport or attending one of our future events, take these athletes’ advice: “Just start sporting. It’s so good for your health and so much fun. Just start!”


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