On Wednesday 16 November 2022 during the Annual General Meeting several elections were held following the recommendations made by the Steering Committee during the Governance review.


Six new Board members elected

As a renowned athlete in the triple jump and later in Basketball, sport has been a significant aspect of Prof. Dr. Ugur Erdener’s life. He served as the President of the Turkish Archery Federation for over 23 years until 2005. In 2005 he became the first Turkish sportsperson to be elected as the President of an International Federation of an Olympic sport: World Archery. He has been re-elected since then, most recently in 2021 for his fifth term.
He also serves as a member of the executive Committee representing the IOC.

Having lived and worked for over 35 years in both North America and Europe and having traveled in Asia, Oceania and Africa truly gave Tom Hollowell a global experience and background in the industry and in sports. As CEO of the International Orienteering Federation, he passionately conveys the message of the positive aspects of sport for life, while still competing himself in the World Masters Orienteering Championships.

As an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the commercial real estate industry, Petra Sörling developed strong business skills during her career. In 2022 she was elected as the first female President of the International Table Tennis Federation. “Becoming involved in the International Masters Games Association is an honour,” she said of her appointment. “The Masters Games shares similar values with Table tennis; mostly that sport is for all and for life. I am committed to contributing to the growth of the Masters’ movement and to encourage people of all ages to be active.”

As a seven-time Olympic cross-country skiing medallist, Manuela Di Centa competed no less than five times at the Olympic Games. After her impressive professional sports career, in March 2003, she was the first Italian woman to reach the 8,848m summit of the Everest, where she planted the Olympic flag at the top of the world’s highest peak. In 1999 she became an IOC member and also served as Vice – president of the Italian National Olympic Committee. She is greatly involved in promoting winter sports, currently promoting the next 2024 Winter World Masters Games held in Lombardia.

Alexander Mc Lin was elected as the sports governance expert with a background of leadership roles in International Sports Federations and currently seating as the Director of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation.

The last elected Board member is Prof. Makoto Chogahara from Kobe university, who has an extensive background in research on ageing and physical activity, primarily focused on Masters athletes.

The President elected for the IMGA Board

After being elected as acting President over the last year following the resignation of Mr. Kai Holm in 2021, Mr. Sergey Bubka has now been elected as President to the board of the IMGA : “It is a great honour for me to start this new chapter together with the IMGA. We have gone through a process of modernisation within the organisation, and I am looking forward to continue the successful journey of the IMGA”

Two Vice – Presidents elected in the IMGA Board

Already a Board member since 2014, Kate Caithness was the President of the World Curling Federation since April 2010 for 12 years. In 2016 Kate Caithness was elected to the International Olympic Committee’s Coordination Committee for the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. She was honoured to receive the IOC Olympic order presented to her by IOC President Thomas Bach when she resigned as President of the World Curling Federation recently on 11th September 2022.

As one of the most familiar faces on BBC World News TV, David Eades has seated in the IMGA Board since 2018. At the BBC he started as a correspondent, covering major stories in Europe. He then took on the role of Senior Sports News Correspondent and has been the face of BBC’s major sports news coverage. David moderates international conferences focusing on European affairs, sustainability and sport, and provides presentation trainings.

Six members arrived at the end of their IMGA Board term

John Coates, Bob Elphinston, Jose Perurena, Marisol Casado and Denis Oswald arrived at the end of their membership term and were thanked for their continuous support in growing the Masters’ movement over the years.

Jens Holm, CEO of the IMGA, stated: “I am excited to start a new chapter in the history of the association and I am confident the broad array of skills within the new board will prove valuable in growing the Masters’ movement.”

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