This beautiful mountain area was designated as the 10th national park in 1975. From the peak of Bukdeogyusan Mountain to Namdeogyusan Mountain runs 17.5 kilometers with an altitude of over 1,200 meters.

Deogyusan has five high peaks with over 1,300 meters above sea levels. Covering four counties, the national park is consists of eight large valleys.

Deogyusan Mountain National Park is home to various flora and fauna.

According to Wikipedia, it is a total of 1,067 plant species, over one thousand insect species, over one hundred bird species, amphibians, reptiles, and mammal species.

Famous Travel and Tourism Mountain

As a mountain with varied and interesting features, Deogyusan Mountain National Park attracts travelers from both local and international hikers and holiday-makers.

The highlights of its attractions include…

  • Buddhist Temples
  • Old sites and relics
  • Ski Resorts, Snowboarding Slopes
  • Jeoksangsanseong Fortress
  • Anguksa Temple
  • Guebul and more relics

In particular, Mujuguchon-dong is considered one of the 10 most popular tourist sites in Korea. Belonging to this area is the famous Baekryeongsa Temple and known for its Stone Samjon Buddha statue sculpted during the Goryeo Dynasty.

Deogyusan Mountain looks beautiful and enticing throughout all four seasons and its landscape offers unique views.

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