Tug of war – Nara Prefecture: Ancient tombs and flower fields

Tug of War games will be held in Kashiba City. This “Nara Prefectural Umamikyuryo Koen” park is located across the neighbouring towns called Koryocho and Kawaicho.
The park is one of the most famous places in Japan for ancient tombs, and there are facilities where you can learn about tombs with fun using scale models and movies.
Also, you can enjoy the view of the seasonal flowers in the park, with flower, food and music fairs held in blooming season. Roses, Japanese iris flowers, etc. are in full bloom every May (the month WMG2021 is going to be held).

Futsal – Osaka Prefecture: 1 of the top 3 tombs and a Japanese garden

“Daisen Koen” park is located about 9 km southeast of the Futsal venue, “J-GREEN SAKAI”. The park has open space surrounded by greenery, Sakai City Museum with a theatre where you can see how big the Mozu tombs group (recognised as Cultural Heritage last year) is, Japanese garden, etc. Also, there are many tombs here and there. 1 of the top 3 tombs in the world, the tomb of Emperor Nintoku, is located in the north of the park, and it is such a pleasant place to stroll around in early summer.

Hockey – Shiga Prefecture: Sightseeing beautiful nature by bus

“Green Park Santo” is located 2.6 km southwest of the Hockey’s main venue, OSP Hockey Stadium. The site is next to “Mishima ike” pond surrounded by beautiful nature, and it has a campsite, cottages, adventure playground, tennis court, restaurant, museum, etc. This is a place where you can refresh your body and spirit admiring the view of Mt. Ibuki.

Lifesaving – Fukui prefecture: View from the summit, lakes in 5 different colours

Starting from the Lifesaving venue, “Wakasa Wada Beach”, if you take JR Obama Line, you will see this view on your left hand side after about 60 minutes; “Mikata Five Lakes (Mitakagoko)” in “Wakasa Wan Quasi-National Park” along the coast. They consist of five lakes called Mitaka, Suigetsu, Suga, Kugishi and Hiruga. In 2005, the lakes were designated as a Ramsar site (Wetlands of International Importance). In 2019, they were designated as Japanese Nationally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (Area with important/traditional agriculture, forestry and fisheries, designated by Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries).
Since the water qualities are different from each other, it looks like the five lakes have five different shades of blue. You can enjoy strolling along pathways, cruising, and also admire the view of the Five Lakes from “Rainbow Line Sancho Koen” park (Sancho = summit).

Canoe (Polo) – Hyogo Prefecture: Relaxing time by the waterfalls in the forest

About 90% of the land of Shiso City, Canoe Polo’s host city, is forests, and there are many waterfalls and valleys that are popular as place of comfort. “Harafudodaki” waterfall is one of them, which is about 8 km from the venue, Onzuiko. The waterfall which has been chosen for “One Hundred Waterfalls of Japan” is also called “Waterfall of Happiness”, since two waterfalls flow to the same basin. The fall of the greater one is 88 m.
We recommend refreshing in the forest admiring different views of waterfalls, other waterfalls are “Mimuro”, “Hakuryu (White dragon)” and “Myoujin (God)”.

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