In July of last year, the APMG Organising Committee held a public design contest for APMG’s ‘Brand Identity’ (Games logo, Mascot etc) selection. Out of the 361 works that were initially submitted  from all over Korea, 15 works were selected.

In particular, the designs were prioritised on the factors that the Logo of the Masters Games should be differentiated from other Masters Games and be loved by the public as well as comprising its relevancy to the international sports competition.

Logo Design & Meaning

The Logo has been personified by implementing the initials  (A, P, M, G) of Asia-Pacific Masters Games.

Since the Asia-Pacific Masters Games is an international sports competition as well as a festival, we wanted to visualise the dynamics of sports in the images of people participating in the sports. In the letter M of the Logo, you can see two persons holding hands together, which represents people from all over the world uniting, exchanging, and building true friendships during the Masters Games.

In addition, the curved edges and shapes shown in the Logo are inspired by the eaves of Hanok that highlights the beauty and traditions of Jeonbuk, Korea and it also emphasises the harmony along with eco-friendly images by adding green and five-cardinal colours: blue(east), white(west), yellow(centre), red(south) and  black(north).

Mascots Design, Names & Meaning 

The mascots are made of White and Black Magpies, where the  ‘Oriental Magpie’ is the official bird of Jeollabuk-do Province in  Korea.

‘Oriental Magpie’ has long been known as an auspicious sign of good and welcoming news, so fits perfectly with the APMG mascots delivering good news and hope to the participants of the APMG, and to everyone around the world.

The mascots names were finalised as “ACHI & TAECHI,” which were the most selected named from the public surveys that combined the first letters “A” from Asia and last letter “chi”from Kka-chi(Oriental Magpie pronounced in Korean) for “Achi.”And for “Taechi”, first letter “Tae” from Pacific (which is pronounced  Tae-pyeongyang” in Korean) and last letter “chi” is used same as Achi.

It is expected that the mascots names will be catchy to remember for anyone in Korea and abroad, since it  is quite easy to pronounce the names and it also fits well with Asia Pacific Masters Games 2023.

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