Many of you may have received an email from the Organising Committee of the World Masters Games 2021 stating the following:

“This email is delivered to everyone (including unregistered participants) who have registered for an account at the WMG2021 Kansai Games entry site.

*Only residents in Japan are able to participate in this event, as the application language is only in Japanese. We will consider the contents that can be participated by people all over the world in the future. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

The World Masters Games (WMG) 2021 Kansai Organising Committee started the entry of the online sports event “Now, everyone Do Sports Project (#Do Sports)”.”

This email includes information about entry to the Kansai OC’s new online sporting event, “Now, everyone Do Sports Project (#Do Sports)”. The entry requirements for this event state that only Japanese residents are able to participate.

While the email has been sent to everyone with World Masters Games 2021 account, the information included is not related to World Masters Games entry.

To clarify, the World Masters Games 2021 is open to everyone.

We apologise for any confusion caused and look forward to welcoming you all to Kansai in 2021!

Learn more about the event here.

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