Last week at the WWMG 2020 the world class ice rink at Olympiaworld has played host to a jam packed Figure Skating schedule stretching over a wide range of disciplines that included Individual, Pairs, Ice Dance and Synchronised. All have competed against each other in the hopes of being crowned winner in front of hundreds of spectators that have gathered to watch the excitement unfold.

Skaters took to the ice at the crack of dawn to begin to each showcase their routines which have all required months of practice and determination. You can feel the camaraderie and excitement in the air as the competition heats up. We spoke to some of the contestants to get an idea of their journey to the games and how they were feeling ahead of the competition.

“We have been ice dance partners for about 2 years now and have worked really hard to prepare for today. About 70 Canadian figure skaters are here to compete. I skated in my childhood and gave it up at University. I returned to competitive skating 5 years ago. It is a special joy in my life” explains Laura Goode from Toronto, Canada.

Cynthia Belaskie from Hamilton, Canada describes her journey from skating as a child to competing here at the games.  “I returned to figure skating after a 20 year break from jumping and spinning. Training for the WWMG 2020 has been a joy and a challenge but when I am on the ice I feel like I am 16 years old again. In some ways I am stronger now. Training has helped me overcome health issues and reminds me of the incredible things my body can do. The spirit of joy and camaraderie on and off the ice here at the games is truly inspiring and uplifting. I hope all the participating athletes feel as wonderful as I do being in Tyrol!

From Great Britain Lulu and Rachael tell us that “30 skaters have come to Innsbruck this week, I have been skating for about 8 years and my colleague Rachael for about 10. We do it because we love it. We enjoy our international friendships and support each other. We have come here to skate our best and enjoy every moment.”

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