Gottfried Suppan from Carinthia started this morning at the slalom Category B on Patschkofel. At a starting altitude of 1890 m participants had to run down 58 gates.

Yesterday, the oldest Austrian participant was able to achieve a bronze medal in the giant slalom. Formerly the Austrian was always busy professionally; he only found time to teach his two daughters how to ski.

Only when he retired he could realise his dream of a ski career. During one of his first training sessions he broke a foot. Nevertheless, at the age of 70 the enthusiastic skier started his international career. Gottfried is participating for the first time at the Winter World Master Games. “It was of course a challenge to master these descents, but one is young enough to do it!”

The Austrian is optimistic about the next competitions. The 87-year-old skier absolutely wants to be part of this year’s World Cup and the overall World Cup is also at the top of his list.

His advice, training is the most important thing. “After getting up half to three quarters of an hour of exercise with strength and flexibility training for your fitness, not only for your sport”

We wish Gottfried the best for his future and we marvel at his great athletic performance.


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