The second edition of the Asia-Pacific Masters Games will take place in South Korea’s south-western province of Jeollabuk-do in 2022.

The Asia-Pacific Masters Games, which drew thousands of Masters athletes across the region to its inaugural event in 2018, provides adults with a fantastic opportunity to play sports they love, connect with like-minded individuals and explore wonderful cultures. Representatives from the local organising committee in Jeollabuk-do made the Games official this week after signing the contract with the International Masters Games Association (IMGA).

IMGA President, Kai Holm, stated, “We’re delighted to bring the Games to Korea. It’s a country with the highest standards –world-class venues, facilities and operations. We’re confident of delivering an unforgettable experience for our Asia-Pacific community.” The 2022 Games will build on the success of the 2018 event, which was held in Penang, Malaysia and included 22 sports entrants could participate in.

Jens Holm, IMGA’s CEO, is looking forward to establishing a strong presence in the region, “After a successful event in Malaysia four years ago we know there’s a strong Masters community in the Asia-Pacific. With the World Masters Games heading to Kansai, Japan in 2021, we’re hoping to strengthen the community even more by partnering with our friends in Korea for 2022.”





To learn more about the Asia-Pacific Masters Games, see our last event in Penang, Malaysia in 2018.


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